The invert struggles… pt. 2

If you have been following me for a while you will have seen my struggle with learning to invert on the pole (go upside down, The invert struggles) and my excitement when I finally managed it at the  beginning of the month at cyprus pole camp.  Inverting is a vital part to progressing in the pole dance world, as I have been poling for over 2 years I was starting to feel like I would never progress.

Still plenty of poses to work on


Although I was always working hard on learning new moves, I still felt stuck.

After pole camp I didn’t want to loose my momentum of the inverts and just wanted to keep getting stronger in them, I kept working on them at home in training.  One day disaster struck… I lost it completely! I still have no idea what happened, something psychological maybe.  I practiced on my left side as I had at pole camp and managed it twice, then suddenly I couldn’t stick it.  After 5 attempts I was getting frustrated and upset, suddenly I couldn’t kick up and my body wouldn’t move the right way…Fuck.  I stopped the training there and then incase I made it worse, sometimes you just have to walk away and take a breath.

I had decided not to train inverts at my next training session, it would help my state of mind more to work on some other moves and land them.  I wasn’t wrong, I enjoyed my next workout and practiced some of the things we had learnt at Pole Camp.

Now I was ready to tackle the invert again.  I warmed up and practiced my easy poses to warm the pole up, had a go at climbing a bit and worked on some poses from climbs.  I was ready to go upside down.  I gripped the pole at Boob level, positioned my feet as instructed and stepped… my body wouldn’t move… bugger! Again…nothing.  Frustration was starting to kick in again, I was so scared that I would loose this skill straight after I had just learnt it!

I had decided to go back to my right side, lets see how this goes… straight up I went! amazing, I have no idea what had happened in my head, why cant I do this on the left anymore? Why could I suddenly do it on the right? So many questions.  Regardless of the confusion I had to keep practising! 8 times in a row I managed a messy invert, but every time I was upside down.

This move is going to be a struggle for me for quite some time, but at least it gives me some blogging material

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