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Cyprus Pole camp…the finale….

Here we are, the last day of pole camp and the last post about the experience. If you kept with me for the whole thing thank you! Please drop me a comment to let me know πŸ™‚ If you would like to catch up with the previous posts please check them out on the blog.

So we have had 3 days of classes, a whopping 12 hours in total of pole lessons, this was quite major for me after never having a pole lesson in my life! I was very sore and covering in a collection of impressive bruises.  The only things planned for today was yoga, the photo shoot and showcase in the evening, two things I was very excited for. 

Yoga was organised for the morning nice and early, so Seb and I decided to take advantage, it was pretty hard going my body was done.  The poor yoga instructor was trying very hard to get us all moving but we were all so sore and tired, it was good to stretch out though and it helped with the aches later in the day. 

The photo shoot was to take place on the pier overlooking the sea, what a stunning backdrop.  I don’t have my professional shots back yet but my lovely fiance took some behind the scenes shots for me. 

I was taught this move by Heidi Cocker in classes

We paired up we another girl and had 7 mins each, we were to come prepared with 3 moves each but we had time for 4. 

Stargazer pose – sadly a bit low on the pole
Genie pose
Strike a pose!

The shoot was so much fun! It may have it been a short session but everyone was there cheering each other on. I got Seb to take some pictures playing on the rocks also.

Mermaid on the rocks

Seb and I decided to spend the day together relaxing, we hit the hot tub again, so cosey and we relaxed together. 

The final part of pole camp is the showcase.  I have been working hard ready for this, my first ever pole performance in front of an audience. The piece would be on a 40mm X stage pole, I was used to a 45mm pole and had never used an x pole before, these are free standing so can wobble a fair bit!

I had used the pole room the night before to practice, tragedy struck, my umbrella broke and had caused a blister in the middle of my hand, I couldn’t hold the pole let alone spin….bugger.

The blister had hardened enough for me to have a go.. it was amazing. I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again!

I can’t believe my umbrella kept breaking! But it kind of worked, I’m so happy with how it turned out and everyone was super supportive. Dan even suggested I try for some competitions/shows!

I received so many compliment from everyone in the group I’m still in a complete high from the whole week!

It’s been a month since returning from pole camp and I still have the best memories.

– Kirstyloula

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