My week on crutches

Pole dancing has recently been named an official sport, you may have seen this if you don’t live under a rock! Like every other sport it isn’t without its dangers some can be minor some quite major.  Last week I suffered one of the more minor types of injury… the broken big toe.

Whilst practicing inverts, I had flexed my toes at the wrong moment and twisted slightly, this resulted in the kicking of the pole, whilst upside down, with the full force of the swing.  The next words out of my mouth weren’t, “oh deary me, that hurt” I am also quite thankful that I had put down my crash mat as I came down with a hell of a bang.

A trip to A+E, unfortunately we had arrived after X-ray had closed, the doctor advised to return tomorrow if it had swollen and bruised.  I woke up in the morning and my toe was sore but no bruising, so I decided to go to work with loose trainers on, I just assumed I had sprained it.  After getting home and taking my socks off I saw the bruises had come up… my toe was black, once again, I missed the X-ray department.

Off we go on Saturday, straight into X-ray and an hours wait later, the nurse confirmed it was broken and I was given a pair of crutches.  When your a kid having crutches is like a right of passage, every one breaks their foot/leg, gets a cast and wizzes around the playground.  How fun that always looked when your 10 years old.  I was vey lucky at the time that I never broken any bones, just sprains of ankles and wrists.  Having crutches at 27 however, was not very fun.  My wrists, hands, arms and shoulders are in constant agony, the only part of me that wasn’t hurting was my bloody toe!  Walking from one side of the factory to the other at work was exhausting!  By the time I got home everyday I was shattered.

Today I made the decision that I don’t need them that much, ill just hobble.

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