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Cyprus Pole camp, the Heidi session…

Day 3 of pole camp, at breakfast someone asked me how I felt, I replied “I feel like I have been punched repetitively on my right arm all night.” oh… after 8, monster but super productive, hours of pole over two days I was pretty shattered and had a massively dead arm haha! This wasn’t going to stop me, I had 3 days to soak in as much teaching as physically possible, before returning to my small town with no pole classes.

The final class is with Heidi Coker, I hadn’t heard of Heidi before pole camp so I started following her on instagram to get a feel for her style, this woman is STRONG! An acrobat and the smoothest handstands I had ever seen, I was becoming a fan.

The class was set for the afternoon so Seb and i had some time to relax together again. We had a lay in and didn’t go down for breakfast until later than usual, was very muchly needed though.  We enjoyed some time in the pool and hot tub together, my muscles were seriously enjoying the hot tub today. Showers and lunch then off we went to class.

Heidi was so welcoming, she explained a bit of her pole history and asked what we would like to learn, the dreaded handstands came up of course! 

If you follow my instagram at all you may notice there are no handstands, there is of course a reason for this. Something about handstands just doesn’t agree with me, my head starts to bounce and make me dizzy, as a rule I just don’t do them, would love to but i put this trick away a long time a go.
Heidi taught us some techniques to practice getting ready, more girls in the group couldn’t handstand than could, this made me relax a fair bit. It has given me something to practice and get used to…to try and get rid of this bouncing feeling I hope!

We next practiced some Chinese pole skills using the feet to climb, a very strange feeling and a whole new set of muscles to use.  We tried a variation of the stargazer move but called the warrior, I’m still trying to get this move under my belt now, for some reason I’m struggling to push up with my foot flat on the pole.

Love this move Heidi taught us

We also practiced this handstand split thing which didn’t give me a bouncy head! Mines quite untidy and I wasn’t straight, but it’s a handstand! I now have something to practice to build up the strength in my wrists and shoulders!

Not straight but still a handstand!

We were all exhausted by the end of the session, for the last hour I struggled to keep pushing to do things, 12 hours in 3 days is huge but so beneficial!  

We enjoyed a long dinner with the group and chatted some more with Crystal and Dan, unfortunately we were so tired and couldn’t handle staying up with everyone whilst they enjoyed drinks.  I regret going to bed after hearing all about the shenanigans!

– Kirstyloula

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