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Cyprus Pole camp, the Dan session….

So it’s now day 2 of classes, after yesterday’s monster session with Crystal I’m very sore and starting to look a bit battered. 

Today we have the early session, so the alarm was set for the crack of dawn (7am) and off for an early breakfast we go.  I wasn’t sure what to do for breakfast as we had 4 hours of working out ahead of us and I didn’t want to eat too much. I settled for some fresh fruit salad, yogurt and sultanas. I did sneak a donut and banana in my bag just incase I needed the boost later!

Into the room we go again and Dan starts us with a simple warm up followed by some spins on static pole.  I have a static pole at home and as I hadn’t inverted yet this was my bread and butter of training! We started by creating our own combo of 5 different spins chosen that morning by the group, a fun warm up for the arms and shoulders. He taught us a fun Boomerang spin followed by 4 different variations each getting more advanced than the last, I got to variation 3, pretty impressed with that and a new spin to play with at home.

Dan was still warming us up so asked if there was anything we fancied learning, one of the girls asked to be taught a fish flop variation she saw on Dan’s instagram.  I actually really enjoyed this move, another one to add to my new floor repertoire. 

Everyone was nice and warm so we had a play with a quick combo using the fish flop at the end.  Very nice combo but it involved a barrel roll which is still a bit beyond me, looks lovely when Dan did it, but a bit of mess when I tried!

The next part of the session was working on some invert moves, starting with the butterfly.  I had learnt from the Crystal session that I had to say to Dan straight away that I hadn’t inverted yet, “right, let’s get you upside down” was his reply.  He moved me to a 40mm pole and had me try on my left side, I had always been practicing on my right so it seemed strange. 

I didn’t kick high enough but Dan helped by spotting me and helping to lift my hips, this was great to feel how I should be when inverted, he helped again and one of the lovely ladies in my group helped me once as well. After this I landed it everytime I tried, amazing!

awkward angle, but I am upside down!

I was on such a high that I can’t actually remember much of the session! We worked on some poses that look good for the photo shoot on Thursday, some very ouchie ones that I’ll need to practice a bit more. Dan had also taught us some great methods for working on our splits.

Dan showing us the extended butterfly

After Dan’s session it was time to enjoy the afternoon with Seb, I was exhausted. We decided for a nice long session in the hotel hot tub, very much needed.  We were joined by Crystal and the other girls Lydia, Claire and Megan, Seb was a little bit out numbered by he took advantage of me being distracted to have some steam and sauna time. 

Much needed hot tub time!

Before I had realised it, I had been sat in the hot tub an hour, oops. I became a little bit dizzy when we left and had to go for a little nap in the room…not even sorry haha!  It was definitely needed after eight hours of pole in two days!  It was today that the bruises had become quite obvious.

Oh the ouchie…

Another cracking day of training and achievements! 

– Kirstyloula

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