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Cyprus Pole Camp, the Crystal session…

So it’s the Monday of pole Camp, we had a good sleep the night before, recovering from the early flight and time difference, and a lazy morning. We headed down to the restaurant for a nice healthy breakfast of fruit and yogurt, the other half had pastries of course…he wasn’t there to get fit!

We decided to take advantage of the 23 degree heat and head down to the pool, the water was clear blue and inviting, shame it was as cold as ice! 

Legs or hot dogs?

Being the water baby that I am, I was straight in there.  It was so cold but i was stubborn and stayed put until I warmed up.  As we didn’t have class until the afternoon a few of the other girls had joined us including our instructor for the day Crystal Gibson.  Crystal is one of the Cleos Rock and Pole instructors so I was very excited to be working with her, we had been insta-buddies for about 2 years. 

Sunset Acro Yoga with Crystal

After a lazy morning by the pool it was time for a shower and lunch with Seb and the other girls. We sat with some of the girls that had just finished their first workshop with Dan Rosen, they made me quite nervous for the session ahead.

Off we toddled to group leaving Seb to enjoy the spa and his afternoon relaxing. I was very nervous for the session ahead as I had never had a pole lesson from a professional before! Up until pole camp I was 100% self taught either by using Cleos Rock and Pole, YouTube or help from my other self taught friends. Crystal sat us in a circle and introduced herself and her pole history, we then went around the group introducing ourselves. 

There was a good mix of ages and Pole experience around the room, I felt myself relaxing every minute.  First a group warm up and then we split off to our preferred pole sizes and I meet Sian and Shevit who I would be sharing a 45mm pole with.  I have a 45mm at home so this was my natural choice, I had never used a 40mm before so feeling one was strangie, amazing how much difference 5mm can make! 

Practicing some flow

Unfortunately the floor was a bit crap so we had to keep socks on as much as possible or risk tearing all the skin from our toes! 

We learnt a couple of moves and combos including a cool ninja spin type thing, which led into the blue claw combo.  This was a bit too hard for me but we realised that I could do most of the combo apart from the spin, so I started there and kept practicing. 

We did a basic combo together as a group, as I don’t know very many combos it was great for me to have a go! 

I messed up the combo a little bit with Juliette spin, that was a shame as it was the move I am most confident with in the whole combo!

After the combo we had a short break and moved on to play with the spin pole! My pole at home is static so this isn’t something I get to do very often and was great fun! Crystal taught us two invert moves which I decided to sit out of as I still hadn’t inverted. I should have said something to Crystal as I’m sure she would have helped, instead I got a bit nervous and sulky – shame on me.

Crystal tried to teach us some floor moves, but sadly she couldn’t do too much because of the state of the floor in the room, so she did her best with yoga mats.  I HATE floor work. I understand that it’s a fundamental part of pole but as I don’t have an instructor I don’t really make much of an effort to practice it.  Part of floor work is looking sexy and feeling it, two things I just feel uncomfortable with, I like the artsy side of pole and the entertainment, as I don’t have an instructor making me practice I will try a floor move once, decide it hurts or I don’t like it and walk away from it. Crystal taught us a few combos and some shoulder work and I actually had quite a lot of fun! 

We finished the session off with some time to practice moves for the photo shoot.

Leg hang layback
Figurehead pose
Tinkerbell spin

It was in the evening that the comedy of the day happens, Crystal noticed that the floor in the bar was slippery and she decided to teach an impromptu floor work class in front of all the hotel guests! Off the girls ran to grab knee pads and heels!

Crystal on the floor

She got Dan up dancing and some of the girls did a freestyle, I was stunned at how people could come up with routines like that from the top of their heads! amazing!

The first day was great, my first ever pole lesson and got to meet one of my favorite polers! 

– Kirstyloula

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6 thoughts on “Cyprus Pole Camp, the Crystal session…”

  1. This looks amazing! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, that’s what the teacher is there for. You did amazing and it doesn’t look easy! Definitely something I’d love to try. Loved the hotdog comment! 😆❤️

    All the best.

    Kirsty. Xx


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