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Cyprus Pole Camp, the welcoming…

What. A. Week.

First of all sorry for my inconsistent posting recently…had a fair bit on, but I have learnt I need to wrote lots of stuff in advance.

I honestly don’t know where to start, camp was phenomenal.

It all started on Saturday morning, time for haircuts, eyebrow waxing and the Euros. (By the way did you realise how bad the Pound-Euro exchange rate is right now? almost 1:1) Then time to drop off the doggy with the sitters, he was off on holiday himself, staying with his two best friends Mud and Storm the Labradors. Enough time left for a romantic meal for two in the evening before the early night.

When I say early night, I don’t mean 10pm I mean 7… I love living in Dorset but my god it’s so far away from the main airports.  The alarm rudely awoke us at 2am, it was not very welcome but it lead to the fun ahead. 

I hate flying, always have and always probably will. A 4.5 hour flight from Gatwick to Paphos is not my idea of fun, it was a bit bumpy for the first hour but smooth from there on. It was very exciting to meet the girls at the airport who would be at camp and even met Dan Rosen one of the instructors.

We stayed at the Coral Beach hotel just 10 mins outside of the Pathos city centre, what a lovely hotel with fab facilities. The room had a beautiful view of the ocean and a balcony, fab for Seb the dirty smoker. We were thrilled to see that there was a super king bed in the room as Seb and I are used to this at home, normally you go away as a couple and end up in a glorified single bed.  The room was slightly outdated but the hotel made up for it with its pools and spa facilities.

Don’t be fooled by my smile, that pool was freezing

Who would have thought that in November Cyprus was 20-25 degrees, what a blessing coming from chilly England to that glorious weather, we were overdressed in our jeans and jumpers, at the hotel it was straight into shorts and flip flops, oh how I missed my flip flops!

We got the chance to meet everyone in the evening at the welcome meeting, some of the girls were so friendly we all clicked straight away and found each other’s instagram. One of the girls I had actually been following for a little while, was great to meet her!

The group was split into 2, the more advanced girls and the more intermediate girls. This split worked nicely as it meant there were 17-18 in a group giving 3 to a pole, this was perfect as each session was 4 hours long! I was in group 2 meaning we had 2 afternoon and one morning session. At first I was a bit disappointed to be in this group, not because of the ability but because of the two afternoon sessions.  Turns out this was actually a but of a blessing! 

Already so excited and it was only the welcoming day! More tomorrow for the first class.

– Kirstyloula

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