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Those days when you just don’t want to work out…

Sometimes even those of us in the best of exercise routines, just don’t want to and thats ok.  We put ourselves under so much stress and pressure on a day to day basis and often exercise can be the tip of the iceberg.

I try to workout for at least 6 hours a week, this is in the form of pole dance and high intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. I think I’m in a much better place when I work out than a year a go, I have a schedule which I stick to pretty well and I have an hours dog walk everday. The dog walk is pretty non negotiable, when that little monster wants to go out the whole world knows it. The pole and HIIT however, can sometimes be a real struggle, sometimes I probably push my self to work out when I should probably just rest. 

So how do you know when today is not going to be your day? In regards to pole, I once read somewhere on those days when your not feeling it, just go and stand by the pole and put your hand on it.  Sounds silly but the logic is that if you start moving and maybe do a couple of spins then you should go a head, if you fell nothing, take a night off. There is nothing wrong with mixing your schedule up a bit and moving a couple of nights around, sometimes life just gets in the way. 

With my HIIT training I try to do the warm up stretches regardless.  If my efforts are a little half arsed and I don’t bother than tonight isn’t the night, more often then not by the time I’ve don’t the stretches I’m ready to go! 

If tonight isn’t the night for you, relax and enjoy the night off, there is no shame! 

– Kirstyloula

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