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Choreographing my first routine…progress!

If you have read my last post you’ll know that I have been struggling with sorting my routine out for pole camp, well I have finally made some progress!

The song…i cant believe I didn’t think of it earlier, I was sitting and watching my favorite musical *singing in the rain* I LOVE this musical I put it on when I feel poorly and always feel better, of course it would make me feel better about my routine.   I know this song like the back of my hand and find it impossible not to smile infectously, this will also help with my dramatization during the show. 

If you have ever seen Gene Kelly singing and dancing to singing in the rain I’m sure you will be able to picture how I want the routine to go.  I’m about a minute 40 seconds through the three minute song and only after 3 sessions running through, great success!  Much needed as I only have a week and two days to sort this out now! 

I’m planning on performing with an umbrella, incorporating some one handed spins and poses, and a bit of tongue in cheek 50s style fun.  For a laugh I threw on my rain coat, what a genius idea! I had never thought about how sticky the coat would be, it helps with so much, but makes me sweat after two run attempts. 

I’m feeling happier about the routine every time I practice, I can’t wait until it’s finished and I get to perform!

Until next time…

– Kirstyloula

Yes, I’ve changed my name on here, the unicorn thing wasn’t working for me so I’ve changed it to match my instagram page. 

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