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Things no one told me before I got a puppy…

My pooch is now 9 months old and he’s pretty awesome, he does has him moments though.  These are some of the things that we have learnt whilst raising Mogwai.

1. Toilet training 

When we picked up Mogwai, we were told by the breeder that he was trained to use puppy pads. Ha. 

This dog thought that puppy pads were a toy, he would happily drag it around the house, shredding little pieces as he went. His first night in the house he peed every five minutes…im not kidding.  I have never been so happy for the laminate flooring, if we had carpet I think it would be in the bin now!

After about 3 weeks we finally got him going outside and barking when he needed to go, only a few accidents since that day.

2. They grow so fast!

Mogwai is quite an unusual dog, most of the dogs around us are Labradors or Staffies, so people tend to remember him. every other walk people were telling us how big he was getting but we would never see it, not until we looked through old photos.

Mogwai on the day we got him vs. 6 months old

He now doesn’t even for in this bed, we have had to buy him a big pillow type bed.

My advice to anyone planning on getting a puppy, just keep taking photos, I wish I had so many more!

3. He is always up my ass

I’m not even kidding, I go to the loo he follows. If I close the door he cries and scratches at the door, so I stopped closing it. Now he sits in front of me….watching.

I go for a bath and he decides to come into the bathroom, drink the bath water and lay down on my clean towel. This is if he’s feeling calm, if not he steals any clothes I may have left on the floor.

He is actually laying on my feet right now. 

4. Dog pee kills grass

So we got over the toilet training hump and now he goes in the garden, perfect. Mogwai is a creature of habit and routine, he likes to pee down one half of the garden, and poop down the other, half of my garden is yellow and dying, the other half is super fertile.

Don’t even get me started on the holes…

5. They love unconditionally

Well this is the best part of having the dog..he loves you from the bottom of his heart, truly madly deeply. 

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