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I might as well live under a rock as I hadn’t heard about this hashtag until this week…wow. 

Nothing I write will seem right for such a powerful movement.

The amount of raw emotion and pain that is out on social media at the moment is devastating.  We all know that harassment happens, it’s in the paper regularly, but seeing amount of strong women that I personally know describing their experiences was heart breaking.  The common theme that I found the most upsetting was how little they were supported when they wanted to come forward and take back control of their own lives! 

How is it we have come so far with technology, medicine and our knowledge, but a huge step back with how we support each other. Trump is in the white house. Case.

Why do we react so heartlessly when someone tries to share this horrible experience, “you’ll ruin his life” “I’m sure he regrets it as it is” no thought to how it’s consuming her life. It’s not just women men are coming forward too, we often forget it goes the other way 

I once watched a video about a social media experiment about abuse, a couple were walking down the road and he started verbally abusing the women, any one nearby stepped in to stop it.  The tables were turned she started slapping and screaming in his face, people were laughing, no one stopped it. 

I want to thank all the strong people out there for sharing this hideous past, I hope this hashtag and social media publicity helps anyone feel like they can come forward and receive the help and support they need! 

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