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about this weekend…

I have been writing a blog post everyday this last week for my progress and interpretation of the cleos rock n pole halloween pole dancing challenge. I had no idea what blogging everyday would take, no idea about the time to write and how to keep the material fresh, so I’m now going to write an update at the end of each week and continue writing other posts in between when the mood takes me. 

I had prewritten my challenge updates for this weekend as my amazing boyfriend had planned to take me away for the weekend. I’m more occupied about what has happened on our trip than the pole dance challenge, I’ll update on that later at the end of the week. 

Sebastian had organised for us to stay in a secluded little cabin on the outskirts of the New Forest. AMAZING, we had absolutely no phone signal and no internet, I’m shocked at how much I have enjoyed being off the grid. For those who dont know the UK the new forest is a huge patch of green belt full of wild horses and woodlands to explore, this was made even more fun by taking the dog.  Mogwai is now 9 months old and was so excited by all the new smells and wildlife. 

On our first day we arrived around 2pm to the little cabin, we have everything we need with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area.  It’s not huge but the perfect size for a weekend together with the dog, I couldn’t live here forever but i really appreciated it for the break. within half an hour of arriving we had our walking boots and coats on ready to explore the woodlands. Behind the cabin was direct access to a flat open area known locally as the commons, it was a beautiful area with plenty of wild horses and cows wondering around freely. 

One thing that we have learnt this weekend is that the dog HATES horses and cows. Constant barking at them and he made this growling noise that i can only describe as coming from the depths of hell.  We let Mogwai off the lead once, never again in an area with big 4 legged critters, the little monster kept chasing the horses away! Not fun for me when I’m trying to pretent that I’m a nature photographer!

Another thing we had learnt is that neither Sebastian or I had much of a sense of direction, after a lovely hour and a half stroll we were lost. Unfortunately our living off the grid weekend came to a halt as we had 4G again and had to resort to Google maps to find our way back to the cabin, boo. The dog was quite thankful when we got back, emptying two dishes of water and passing out for the next two hours. 

We spent the whole weekend in much of a similar way with Saturday driving to different areas of the forest, walking, loosing the dog, getting lost and returning to the cabin for an afternoon snooze. 

Saturday morning is what the weekend was apparently all about. I was laying in bed dosing and Seb came into the room and nelt beside the bed taking my hand. He asked me to marry him! I had a feeling it was coming but no idea it would be this weekend. 

The ring is so beautiful, a rose gold band with 5 diamonds. The most special thing about my ring is that Seb designed it himself, 3 of the diamonds have actually come from his mother’s engagement and wedding rings, sadly she passed 2 years a go before I was able to meet her.

It turns out that the whole weekend was a ploy for the proposal, he has even asked my dad for permission. This really has been the best weekend.

More later!

– That Engaged Unicorn Dancer

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