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the CRNP crazy train challenge day 4…!

here we are again! Day 4 of the cleos rock n pole crazy train challenge…another super hard move, another variation. 

So I had a play with this move at Steph’s last night, way to hard for me to properly but she suggested I try from the floor.  below is how the move looks when done properly by instructor Lindsey.

This lass is hilarious! such fun tutorials. 

So I had a go at this last night with Steph and this was my efforts…

Steph warmed me that this was a bit of a beast on the shoulder, I didn’t get it at first from watching videos….then I tried it. Today my shoulder is black.

Overall I’m happy with this attempt and so happy with how the split looked, I hadn’t trained splits for a while. I was about to post the photo today then saw some of the other entry’s for the contest…i seriously need to up my game. so out comes the make up

 My aim tonight was a asylum inmate with a creepy dance to the American horror story theme tune.

fingers crossed I’m still in the running, there’s still 24 days to go!

daily blogging is a bit more of a challenge then I expected!

until tomorrow!

– That Unicorn Dancer

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