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the CRNP crazy train challenge day 3…!

so here we are for day 3, I hadn’t seen my friend Steph for a while so asked for a pole date, I had one of the best pole sessions in a while tonight. the best part is we were both hyper and landing plenty of moves!

So day 3 of the cleo the hurricane challenge (have you been on the website yet? there’s an app too!) is the suicide spin.

This spin shown by Amber, is terrifying! you grip the pole in the knee, pull back on the foot and lean forward…sounds simple right? 



hell nope.

I arrived at Stephs had a great time and landed some new moves and was mentally prepared for this spin. could I let go?

Could I fuck. 

I have a massive mental block in my head right now about letting go for some reason! I need to sit down with myself and say get a grip, or not as the case may be!

So once again I improvised, I did a spin I often do on a static pole but today enjoyed the spin function of Stephs pole. 

I tried to be brave and managed to grab the bottom foot… ending up in a bit of a mess .

On reflection I can see that my hips need to be pushed forward way more, I could have achieved this if I had realised what I looked like! 

The was no outfit or make up tonight, but if you check out my instagram you can see the fun me and Steph had recording the spin.

catch you tomorrow for the Chainsaw!

– That Unicorn Dancer

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