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The CRNP crazy train challenge…day 2!

Time for day two of the cleos rock and pole crazy train challenge, click the link and check out the website, I seriously cannot recommend this site enough!

So I’m carrying on from yesterday’s post of my day 1 “effort” of the witch move, today is the gargoyle. Figuring out how to do today’s move and the make up inspiration has been a complete mare! Instagram is broken tonight, meaning no hashtag searches or posting with comments and hashtag, difficult for those doing the CRNP challenge as cleo checks her hashtags. 

Today this post came out, a whopping $300 worth of prizes up for grabs, so I’m keen to take part, even if the moves are too hard, I shall make the most of it! 

So back to today’s move, the gargoyle.

The instructor in today’s tutorial is tiffany, she is one of my favorite cleo instructors due to her gothic style and stunning pole choreograph. The move starts off in an invert into a genie…now I still can’t invert but i can get into a genie from the floor, excellent, great start.

The next step is placing both hands in between the knees and grabbing the top foot with the bottom hand, by reaching behind you. This motion resulted in a lot of falling and splat noises on my crash mat. Think it was a fear factor in today’s pole incompetence.

So I cooled down and tried to look for some make up inspiration (curse you instagram for being down!) And did the best I could, I went for a stone gargoyle/statue kind of look, with a simple pole sit. 

I wasn’t happy with this so my final picture ended up as the gargoyle move, on the floor. 

No wonder I kept falling when trying to grab my foot…i couldn’t even grab it in this position! Holla to all the other big bottomed pole dancers out there!!! 

Overall not happy with the look and how my pose workout, a bit half arsed tonight, but there is a whole 28 days of challenge 🙂

Until tomorrow

– That Unicorn Dancer 

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