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The CRNP crazy train challenge! Day 1

As I live in a small seaside town, pole dancing resources are limited, my solution to this is a pole at home. I’m very blessed that I have enough space that I have made myself a studio in one of the rooms in the house, equip with pole, yoga gear and the perfect natural lighting in the evening. 

I love my little studio, but it has a major downside…i have to find pole lessons online or through my (also self taught) friends. As fab as my friends are they can’t be avaliable everytime I want to train.  I was introduced to the wonder that is cleos rock and pole by my friend Steph.

This website is amazing, very well thought out tutorials, fun instructors and regular new material. The site is run by former miss pole dance Australia cleo the hurricane. I definitely recommend the website to all home polers: cleosrocknpole 

A fun part of what cleo offers on her site is the regular challenges, as it is October she is hosting the CRNP CRAZY TRAIN challenge. They are always way to hard for me but i like to try, one of the best bits of this challenge is the halloween undertones and the excuse to play with make up 😀

Throughout october I am going to post my progress on the challenge including what the move should look like and what I actually achieve.

Today’s move is called the witch, below is what it should look like:

Doesn’t he look graceful? This is another Australian pole dancer called blue Phoenix.

Here’s how I look:

I didn’t go upside down as you will see from a previous post, the invert struggles. The move when performed right is so graceful, I can’t wait until I start inverting and can look as lovely as blue Phoenix.

Ah well… until then i can play dress up 

Until tomorrow

– That Unicorn Dancer

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