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The puppy chronicals pt.2

The other half and I have been together for 3 and a half years now, were very happy enjoying each other’s company still and brought out first house together this year. We decided in April to start to extend our couple into a fanily….with the fluffy kind of baby. 

So we drove 5 hours to Wales to pick up little Mogwai, yup that’s from Gremlins. On reflection, I feel the breeder was a bit of a puppy farm, I didn’t think much at the time, but now I’m very aware of this and quite uncomfortable about it.

I was thinking about writing this blog post at 3am this morning, I woke up to the dog jumping on the bed and plonking himself on my feet. I remember the boyfriend and I discussing at length arguments for and against the dog sleeping in the bedroom, eventually we decided that he could sleep in his bed on the floor in the room with us, it helped him settle in quicker. 

Everything was going fine for the first couple of weeks…till he had his first growth spurt and started jumping on the bed. We had both agreed since the beginning the bed was off limits, this decision was changed after 30 mins of putting him on the floor and jumping back up again. 

On reflection there is only one argument to the dog on the bed…. 

If you enjoy sex, don’t let the dog on the bed!

What a mood killer! He is always there! 

We have a super king, this little monster still manages to take up the whole thing.  

If we find ourselves settling down for a bit of nookie, when the mood starts to take us, the black furry ass of doom appears in eyesight and he’s never subtle, he gets right inbetween us and interupts everything!  Although he does make up for everything with his cuddles.

– That Unicorn dancer

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