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The invert struggles

I have been pole dancing now for 2 and a half years, most people at this stage are competent competitors and thinking about teaching the sport. How about me? You ask… I still class myself as a beginner in the grand scheme of things. I am yet to achieve the sought after invert, in simple terms going upside down. 

When I first started dancing I couldn’t hold my own weight, if a move required me to hold my body weight without my legs on the floor or pole I would struggle, it took 3 months for me to gain an arsenal of 5 moves and these were basic spins that most dancers could land in one class. The basic climb took longer, after about 6 months I would finally bring both legs to the pole and pull up, but i could hold my weight and actually climb higher until about a year later. 

Progress has been slow and frustrating, but i still love the sport, at first I would train with my friends once a week but now I have my own pole at home, I have never attended a class though. 

Now…inverting. The proper way to land this move is to lift your hips and legs above your head, purely with core and upper body strength, then hook the foot. The improper way, that most people adopt, is to kick into the invert and hook the foot, bringing the hips behind it. 

I practice this move every training session, each time getting closer and closer, I can now hook the foot and bring the other leg to the pole, I hold this for approximately 5 seconds before flopping to the floor like a wet fish. 

The thing that shocked me when I started hooking my foot was the strain on the calf muscles, yesterday I ruptured the muscle so bad I couldn’t walk for 30 mins…the struggle is real! 

Another training session today, I hope soon I can wrote a post detailing triumph! 

– That Unicorn Dancer 

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