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The puppy chronicals pt. 1

I have the most adorable puppy, I know everyone says this but my pooch is very unique. He is a cross between a husky and a Pomeranian (pomsky), in short he’s a small sized black husky with one blue eye and one brown. He looks somewhere between a fox and a wolf.

For those that are wondering, the large husky is the female and the male was a particularly small Pomeranian… you can just imagine how that conception went!  We were told that breeze blocks were actually involved.

Last week he found his hunters instinct… He goes to work with my other half, basically on a farm. During the mid afternoon walk Mogwai (that’s puppies name) suddenly disappears into the long grass and emerges proud of himself, my other half not sure what’s happened continues walking on. A few steps down the path Mogwai stops and a squeak could be heard, the boyfriend looks down to a small dead mouse hanging from a happy Mogwai’s mouth. When telling me this tale later in the day the boyfriend says *I’m so proud*…..idiot. 

Some people don’t mind their dogs hunting annoying vermin, I however happen to own 2 lovely chinchilla boys, 2 boys that Mogwai is already fascinated by and showing a worrying interest.

Did I overreact to the mouse killing?

– That Unicorn dancer

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